Friday, March 27, 2009

Today - Someday

Ok. - this has been hard for me to admit, but here goes...

My name is "Frina Frince" and I am an organization and tip addict.

I am continually searching for, reading, comparing, and sharing organizational tips - notice that I didn't say I organize or put all of these tips to good use. I subscribe to dozens of newsletters and feeds on organizing, motivation, procrastination, cleaning, household tips, etc. I spend my time reading those email messages, then going to everyone's blog and following a link to another "helpful" site that interests me, then following it to another site and so on and so forth. Before I realize it, I have already wasted all of my time that I should have been doing something else which then means I don't have the time to work on any extra organizing or anything like.

Some day, I'll get organized enough to be able to list "all" (or most of...) my favorite blogs and websites. There are billions out there and there are millions that are my favorites - maybe not everyday - but on a regular basis.

Some day, I'll quit wasting my time studying how to organize and will "just do it".

Some day, I'll realize that sometimes just getting something done *EVEN IF IT'S NOT PERFECT* is better than not getting it done at all.

Some day, I'll also realize that Perfectionism leads to procrastination.

Some day......